About Mary Ann Tan Ar

The Owner of Flower Gallery of Asheville


Mary Ann Tan Ar is from a Filipino-Chinese descent and has a certification in Event and Floral Design. As a wife and a mother of three children, she has built upon an established background of educational and professional excellence in the field of business.

Among her many notable roles, is perhaps most famously known as the Founder of 18th Bloom Event Design (also known as Bloom Events) catered to young ladies for their
Coming-of-Age celebrations: 18th Debut, Quinceanera, and Sweet 16 where Mary Ann choreographs the Cotillon for the Debutante and members of her court - an event curated for your precious daughters. She was also the choreographer for the Filipino-American Community of WNC since 2001 for over 15 years.


Mary Ann Awards for Flowers and Weddings.