Staying Calm on your Wedding Day!

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You’ve been planning your wedding for the last 12+ months and it’s finally here!  Every detail has been attended to. All the logistics are planned. You just had the best bachelorette party EVER! And now it’s time. The moment you walk down the aisle to join your life with the man of your dreams is here.  
So why do you feel so nervous?

Wedding Relaxtion

There are many factors that go into why your emotions are on overdrive on wedding day. It could be the realization that you are now going to be a wife.  It could be that you are worried about how the day will play out. You could just be flat out nervous and not even know why! Here is some FABULOUS advice on how to stay calm, cool and collected on wedding day:

Bridal bliss

Start with a nice long bubble bath. This is a rare treat in a world where we are always rushing and taking quick showers. There is nothing like sitting back, closing your eyes and relaxing into the tranquil waters of a warm bath. Enhance the experience with lavendar bath salts and candles and some soothing music to set the tone for relaxation.

Healthy breakfast for the Bride

Eat a good breakfast. Even if it’s a small one. Be sure to include carbohydrates and protein. I can’t stress to you how important it is to get something in your belly. It’s so easy to get caught up in the activities of wedding day prep, that this very important meal gets skipped. There is nothing worse than getting woozy or fainting on your wedding day for lack of food. A good breakfast really does help get your day started right. Be sure to have a detailed schedule complete a few days prior to your wedding day, showing exactly what’s going to happen when. The more organized you are, the less you’ll have to stress about. Your wedding planner is well equipped to create this for you.

Emergency Bridal Kit

Prepare an emergency kit for those unforeseen disasters.  Include a sewing kit, safety pins, extra hosiery, bottled water, saltines, breath mints, sanitary napkins, etc. An emergency kit may come in handy and should be readily available if needed. It’s so important to have items that are readily available if unexpected circumstances arise.

Flower Gallery Wedding Planner

Rely on your wedding planner. After all, that is why you hired her. She can get the gowns to the chapel on time, transport any necessary personal belongings, oversee the setup of the ceremony and reception site and even handle guest relations. She is not an option but a Godsend on wedding day! You can be completely assured of a perfect wedding day by hiring a wedding planner who knows and understands your needs as a bride. For your special occasion, there is no one more capable than Mary Bell at the Flower Gallery who has mastered the art of making your wedding day the most relaxed and unsurpassed experience possible. You can schedule a free Wedding consultation from our website today!

Wedding Ceremony Lioncrest Biltmore

Leave for the ceremony with plenty of time to spare.  One of the worst feelings on your wedding day is to feel rushed. Allow a decent cushion so that you can relax, knowing that you will be ready on time and in your calmest possible state of mind.

Allow yourself plenty of time to get dressed. Bask in it!  How about a pre-wedding indulgence? I stress to all of my brides the importance of spoiling yourself a little before the wedding. Invite a mobile massage therapist, manicurist, makeup artist and/or professional hairstylist to the wedding site and be the Queen that you are!

Expect the unexpected. I’m not preaching doom and gloom here. Yes, things may go wrong, but if you face the day with a cool head, a sense of humor and a positive attitude, you can pull it off without a catastrophe. Your wedding planner is there, on hand to help deal with any emergencies that may arise.
ENJOY YOUR DAY!  After all, it does belong to you and your groom!

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A Fairy Tale Wedding at The Biltmore Estate

It was a Fairy Tale Wedding on a hot summer’s night at The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. On June 30th, Michelle and Kevin said ‘I do’ under the summer sun in the company of their loving family and friends on the Tennis Lawn of the gorgeous Biltmore Estate.

A tent set under the stars provided the perfect romantic atmosphere for this Bride and Groom to enjoy their reception. The Bride was even swept off her feet when her new husband serenaded her with his guitar to Neil Young’s ‘Harvest Moon.’

Everything about this event was just magical; a lush tent under the stars created the perfect setting for the Bride’s all ivory floral centerpieces. The flowers and guest tables at this wedding were enough to take any guests’ breath away. This wedding was surely reminiscent of parties the Vanderbilt family threw when they lived on the Estate.

We are thankful to Classic Event Rental for their phenomenal work in setting the stage for this fairy tale evening, and to Woodward and Rick Photographers for capturing the beauty of this evening so well. Flower Gallery’s own on-site planner, Mary Bell, coordinated this event to perfection. Thanks to Mary’s attention to detail and her drive to make her Brides’ dreams come true, the evening was flawless down to the last detail.

Even the surprise fireworks show Mary and the Mother of the Bride planned for the Bride and Groom was nothing short of magical. Working amongst the top vendors is part of what makes our job here at the Flower Gallery of Asheville so wonderful.

We hope you enjoy the photos of this stunning event, and we wish all the happiness in the world to newlyweds Michelle and Kevin. We’re so happy for you, thank you for letting us share in the joy of your Wedding Day.

Flower Gallery Floral Reception

Flower Gallery Asheville Biltmore Groom

Flower Gallery Floral Reception Tent

Flower Gallery Table Centerpiece

Flower Gallery Asheville Biltmore Bride

Mother’s Day Flowers from the Flower Gallery

Mother's Day 2012The time is fast approaching when Mothers around our nation will be celebrated for their unconditional love and service to us all. Our floral designers here at the Flower Gallery are busy filling orders and carefully creating exquiste flower arrangements sure to complement that “special mom” in your life. A tradition we have enjoyed for over 30 years in Asheville and the surrounding area.

View our Mother's Day Shop CollectionWe have selected a dozen of our most popular Mother’s Day arrangements for you to view from our Mother’s Day Shop Collection and you are always welcome to call our designers to help you create the perfect gift for any mom!

Drop by our new location at 1 Sunny Ridge Drive or schedule a time for a guaranteed delivery. We can also send flowers across the nation from our online flowershop network for a timely Mother’s Day delivery outside the Asheville area.

Mother’s Day arrives on Sunday, May 13th this year and reflecting back, the traditional roots of Mother’s Day can be traced to the ancient Greeks and their annual spring festivals that were dedicated to maternal goddesses or the Mother of their gods. Around the 1600’s, Christians in England would hold festivities on the fourth Sunday of Lent in honor of the Virgin Mary.

Eventually this tradition gradually evolved to include all mothers and soon became known as Mothering Sunday. It wasn’t until 1872 that idea of officially celebrating Mother’s Day was suggested in the United States. An activist, writer and poet Julia Ward Howe, known for her Civil War song, “Battle Hymn of the Republic” steadfastly championed the cause and finally the the holiday was set to the second Monday in May.

Red Roses for MomMother’s Day is now celebrated across the world in many countries and we at the Flower Gallery carry on this time honored tradition by offering you a wide variety of flowers in a pallet of vivid colors, soft pastels, live plants and expertly cut flower arrangements all designed for you to spoil the special women in your life with.

There are many gifts to choose from on Mother’s Day but the language of flowers is one that is easily recognized, widely spoken and appreciated by Mothers everywhere!

Whether it is your mom, grand mother, mother-in-law, sister, aunt, co-worker or a friend we warmly wish them and our moms a very special day filled with love and appreciation from all of our staff here at the Flower Gallery.