10 Things to do after the Wedding

Now that the excitement and delight of a grand Biltmore Estate wedding or other splendid wedding venue has quieted down, reality is starting to set in now. You have just returned from your Honeymoon and life is starting to move on. For some reason you are not quite ready to let go of that special wedding spirit. Well I have good news it is not over. Here are ten great etiquette tips for after the wedding.

Flower Gallery Floral Arrangements

1. Send flowers to all the parents. Even if you paid for the wedding yourself, sending a bouquet to both sets of parents is a great way to let them know how grateful you are for their support in the lead-up to the big day. The expert floral designers at the Flower Gallery Asheville would be glad to give you a hand choosing the perfect floral arrangements.

After Wedding Brunch

2. Have a post–Wedding brunch. Not only will it give you an opportunity to thank and farewell all those guests who traveled far and wide to come to your wedding, it’s also perfect for catching up on any gossip, stories and tales of shame from the night before.

Grove Park Inn Romantic Dinner

3. Plan a romantic dinner for two. Once the wedding has come and gone, it’s easy to slip into life as usual. However, scheduling a special dinner exactly one month after your wedding (it’s your first lunar-versary, after all!) will give the two of you a chance to reflect on how it feels to be Mr. and Mrs. Try to organize for it to be at a place that means something to the both of you – where he proposed, where you had your first date or even the reception venue. That way it’s guaranteed to be a romantic affair.

4. Preserve your wedding dress. It’s important to have this done as soon as possible, so if you’re going on a honeymoon ask someone to take it to the cleaners for you. Selling a dress you’re likely to never wear again may make good financial sense, but, who knows, maybe one day you’ll have a daughter who’ll want to wear it on her own wedding day (sigh).

5. Change your name. Everyone might be calling you “Mrs Jones” with a grin and a wink, but just being married doesn’t officially change your name. If you’re doing the name changing thing, it’s important to notify the relevant authorities as quickly as possible, try and get the most important ones out of the way first include: Driver license, car registration, passport, bank accounts, and Medicare and employment records.

Wedding Thank You Cards

6. Write and send out thank-you cards. These can hang our your head like an unfinished assignment in high school, so  the sooner you get them out of the way, the better. Make sure that you write something personal about the gift on each card, no matter how brief. Also remember that pre-printed cards are a big no no and email thank yous are the height of bad manners!

Bridesmaids Day

7. Have an official “Bridesmaid Day”. Let’s face it, the last few months have been all about you, you, you. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it could be time you gave a little back to the girls who were there for you. It’s likely you’ve been so caught up in wedding fever that you’ve missed quite a bit of your girlfriend’s lives. On Bridesmaid’s Day, make it your mission to let them talk about themselves as much as they want. It’s the least you can do!

8. Make your photo choices now. Selecting your wedding pictures will bring all the emotions of the day flooding back, but often there are so many to choose from, that trying to decide which ones you really love can be a bit daunting. Make the task less overwhelming by inviting a close friend, your parents or in-laws around to help. It’s easy to think you “need” every shot, but keep your budget in mind and try and stick to it.

9. Send you picture to the newspaper. Yeah, it’s cheesy, but, hey, you have to admit that you’d secretly love to see your wedding pic staring at you from the paper as you eat your Sunday breakfast. Check out your local paper’s wedding page for details of what they need. (If anyone asks, you can always blame it on your mom).

Wedding Memento Box

10. Make a wedding memento box. This is a great way to store all the little bits and pieces from you wedding that don’t fit into an album. The obvious things to include would be invitations, pressed flowers from your bridal bouquet and menus, but you could also put in your wedding ideas scrapbook, a CD of the songs played during the ceremony and reception, typed transcripts of your speeches. You’ll be amazed at how your list of things to do the day before your wedding, scrawled on the back of a napkin, will bring tears to your eyes in a few years’ time.

article adapted from www.weddinglinks.com.au

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